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  3 to 60 Seconds: The Amount of Time it Takes to Form a First Impression
by Eva Desmond-Lugo - Jul, 2007
These numbers are a result of a quick, and rather unscientific, internet search I did just to confirm what I have read many times about first impressions. Whether the number of seconds is 3 or 60, the bottom line is simple: it does not take long! Add the visuals (how you dress, body language, etc.) and someone has formed a first impression of you before you even get to say hello! So how do you influence that first impressi...
  Some Things I've Learned about Downsizing
by Eva Desmond-Lugo - Jul, 2007
He came into my office, sat down, and looked at his hands. He had just been notified that his position was eliminated and his employment would be terminated. He was stunned; he could not speak. I called for medical…he just wasn’t right. Her manager said, “She comes in every day determined to find another job with us. People don’t know what to say to her. She can’t accept that she’s getting laid off and is disrupting the wor...
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