7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Write a Better Customer Service Resume
Creating an accomplishment-driven resume is vitally important in order to get the attention of hiring managers. How do you do that though when your job isn’t necessarily all about numbers or sales? You can start by asking yourself the following seven questions about your experience in customer service and then incorporate those answers into your resume today!

1. Have I had any effect on operating costs? Have I reduced them in some way? What about general overhead for the business; have I reduced that in some way?

2. What responsibilities or results have I had with key accounts?

3. Have I had any involvement in new processes, procedures, or technologies that have been used to automate processes or save the company time or money?

4. What about quality assurance or performance review results? What have others said about the quality of the service I offer?

5. What scores, if any, have I contributed to positively? Have the company rankings/scores increased—or mine personally?

6. Have I contributed to any form of sales revenue for the organization? If so, what was my part?

7. How have I improved the experience for those I work with and the clients, customers, or patrons that I service?

Take the answers from these questions and create accomplishment-based statements that you can use throughout your resume for hard-hitting, memorable impact.