Are These Career Myths Holding you Back?
There is really no one right way or one path to achieve the career happiness or the "career nirvana" many of us seek. All of us know that multiple factors affect the career decisions or life choices we make at any given time.

If we are exploring a career makeover during this recession or changing careers, we must explore and debunk any career myths or perceptions that might be holding us back. As Olivia Crosby says in her article for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Don't be a victim to your own misconceptions."

Take some time today to explore whether or not any of the following 10 career myths are affecting your current career choices? If you are saying any of these things to yourself, you should know these statements are not rooted in reality. If any of these 10 myths represent a barrier for you, now is the time to start working on them.

1. "There was only one perfect career path ideal for me. I missed my big opportunity several years ago, so it's over for me."

2. "I need to just find one career and stick with it for life. If I change my mind, people will think I am wishy-washy and indecisive."

3. "I have to stick to my college major to build my career. Why else would I spend all that time, if I don't want to work in that field?"

4. "Only experiences and competencies gained on the job are important to determining what I do next. No one really cares about my volunteer work."

5. "New training or education is only for young people. Seriously, I am too old to go back to school."

6. "I need to take career tests since they will tell me what to do."

7. "Work life balance is a big myth; I have to choose between being happy at work and having a family. There is no happy medium."

8. "I really should be looking for a "safe" industry where there is a lot of job security. This is just not the time to start a business."

9. "I can only be happy and make money in one of the hot jobs for the future. I need to get into Healthcare or Technology."

10. "I'm too old to change my career. Starting over would be silly."