Five Truths About The Real World
When students leave college, they begin to face life in the real world. For many, it will be a rude awakening. Here are five truths that every student should ponder and accept:

1. The job you land, good or bad, is likely to be the one you have earned.

  • - Grades
  • - Campus and community activities
  • - Work experience
  • - Accomplishments
  • - Examples of excellence
  • - Recommendations
  • - References

2. When you graduate, you will have more expenses than you have money.

  • - A room or apartment
  • - Utilities
  • - Food
  • - Your car or transportation
  • - Insurance - Automobile & Medical, etc.
  • - Clothing
  • - Phone, internet and TV
  • - Banking
  • - Credit Card payments
  • - College loans
  • - Entertainment and leisure activities

3. Your employer expects you to perform at a high level.

  • - The volume you produce
  • - The quality of your work
  • - Your relationship with your supervisor
  • - Your ability to get along with other employees
  • - Your attendance and lateness record
  • - Your decision making and problem solving skills
  • - Your attitude at work
  • - Your willingness to accept responsibility

4. You will always be expected to act in the best interests of your employer.

  • - Tell the truth
  • - Admit your mistakes and fix them
  • - Speak well of your supervisor and employer
  • - Go the extra mile when needed
  • - Jump in to help other employees
  • - Suggest improvements
  • - When something needs to be done, take action on your own
  • - Anticipate and prevent problems
  • - Perform to the best of your ability

5. You are the only one who believes that you are “entitled” to things.

  • - You must earn whatever you get
  • - You will be judged on your performance and your results
  • - Your words, actions, attitude and body language tell others who you are
  • - When you believe that you are entitled to something, your are in trouble
  • - For the most part, you will get what you deserve

"You never find yourself until you face the truth." -- Pearl Bailey

College is your opportunity to move from high school to the world of self-sufficiency. If that goal includes a good job, one with a respected employer, one that pays well, one that has career potential, then you will have to earn it through your hard work and performance in college. Opportunities are just that. You can either take advantage of them or let them slip through your fingers. For you, which one will it be?