Focus FIRST on Your "20% Tasks"
The "80/20 Rule" applies to all that we do.

The 80/20 Rule states that 20% of our activities will account for 80% of the value we add and 80% of our success at work.

FACT: Out of the ten most important items on your current list of things to do, two of those items are almost always of MUCH higher value than the other eight. Those two items tend to be critical to the achievement of your key desired outcomes, goals and objectives.

Those two items also tend to be the ones we put off in favor of the whirlwind of less important things that tend to attract our time, energy and attention.

Which two things on YOUR list today are the "20% Tasks?"

What time commitment will be required to complete those two tasks?

Do you have TIME BLOCKED on your calendar to get those tasks done TODAY?
Make a commitment today, to FOCUS FIRST on your "20% TASKS" .... schedule the time, and get them done.

Try this approach for ONE WEEK .... beginning THIS week. Then .... loop back at the end of the week and note the difference in your progress, productivity and outcomes.