Have You Considered Working a Temp Job?
If you’ve thought before about working a temp job, here’s some further ammo for considering it.

Today the US unemployment rate rose to 9.8%, the highest this country has experienced since June 1983. That’s 15.1 million Americans now out of work.

According to the US Labor Department, another 263,000 jobs were lost last month, higher than expected.
Additionally, if those who were already laid off and have had to settle for part time work or those who’ve given up altogether were included, the actual unemployment rate would be a whopping 17%.

According to the recent article by AP Economics writer, Christopher Rugaber, the number of people out of work for six months or longer jumped to a record 5.4 million, and they now make up almost 36 percent of the unemployed — also a record.

Here’s the one bright spot: temporary help agencies eliminated only 1,700 jobs, down from the previous month. Economists see temporary jobs as a leading indicator, because employers are likely to hire temp workers before permanent ones.

If you’ve been out of work for several months and it’s been awhile since your last interview, consider a temp job. Tig Gilliam, CEO of Adecco North America, a temporary job agency, said that industry likely will add jobs next month. Obviously, one route is through the temp agencies like Adecco.

Another more creative way to find a temp job is to direct market yourself to potential hiring managers. Sell yourself through a contract, which is a short-term project with an end result that you can define. This will take some work to research names and create a direct marketing program for yourself yet the need among companies is there. In a recent interview with career consultant, Randy Block, he noted that many employers are now considering the next six to nine months a crucial period. Those who can demonstrate ways to help them make it through these tough times (think short contract) will be in more demand for permanent jobs after this period of crisis has passed.