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Get to Know Us

Join us on our quest to discover and deliver innovations to improve health

We are the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing services, with a staff of approximately 900 MDs and PhDs, an extensive network of convenient patient locations and a broad range of diagnostic products.

Quest DiagnosticsPatients and doctors rely on our diagnostic testing, information and services to help them make better healthcare decisions. We are the world leader in the industry, and our diagnostic testing impacts 70% of all healthcare decisions. Through our science and innovation team and external partners, we've developed and introduced breakthrough laboratory tests, many of which have become the standard of care over time.

Quest Diagnostics Our position at the forefront of the healthcare industry makes life at Quest Diagnostics exciting. As a member of our team, you can expand your skills and knowledge. Your colleagues are committed to improving healthcare and finding creative ways to do so. The atmosphere is stimulating and challenging. And the opportunities are almost limitless.

We can help you take your career further, whether you want to move up the ladder or across the world. We have operations and a variety of employment opportunities in nearly every state of the U.S., as well as India, UK, Ireland, Mexico and more.

What We Do

Taking care of people is our business.

We are committed to improving human health. Whatever our respective roles, responsibilities or departments, all of us at Quest Diagnostics share this common goal. Each day, our more than 43,000 employees strive to find new ways to empower clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Whether you are a lab assistant or technician, work in sales or client services, you play a vital role in this exciting endeavor.

Quest DiagnosticsWe are the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing services, information and services that individuals and doctors rely on to make better healthcare decisions. Our services range from routine tests — like cholesterol panels, Pap testing and white blood cell counts — to sophisticated cancer testing, gene-based and molecular testing. We perform diagnostic tests that aid in the diagnosis or detection or, and measure the progress or recovery from a disease.

Touching millions of lives

Our testing impacts 70% of healthcare decisions. In fact, we perform testing for approximately 550,000 patients every day. In all, we touch the lives of patients approximately 150 million times each year.

How do we achieve these numbers? We offer the broadest access to clinical testing services through our national network of 30-plus regional laboratories and approximately 125 rapid response laboratories. With approximately 2,000 patient service centers, we are in communities throughout the U.S.

Our success also comes from our commitment to innovation. Our doctors and scientists constantly seek smarter, more accurate tests and assessments for monitoring and treatment. We have developed breakthrough laboratory tests, many of which are now industry standards of care.

Quest Diagnostics

Going beyond laboratory testing

Beyond laboratory testing, we offer services to a range of customers and organizations. For example:

Physicians: Our information technology expertise is helping to shape the future of healthcare. Thousands of physicians use our Care360™ products to electronically order lab tests, deliver timely test results, share clinical information, and prescribe drugs to patients. Care360 processes more than one million transactions each day.

Drug companies: We're one of the largest providers of global central laboratory services performed in connection with clinical research trials. Through collaboration with biotechnology companies, we help speed the development of healthcare insights and new therapeutics that enable pharmaceutical companies to develop new medicines.

Employers: We help employers improve the health of their workers and reduce illegal drug use in the workplace. In fact, we're a leading provider of programs to promote wellness and prevention of disease. By conducting health assessments for common conditions like diabetes and heart disease, we empower people to better manage their health.

Insurers: We are the leading provider of risk assessment services to the life insurance industry.

Life at Quest Diagnostics

A Unique Working Environment & Culture

We are committed to employee engagement, because we believe engaged employees lead to satisfied customers and shareholders. That's why our "put employees first" philosophy infuses everything we do, every single day.

Quest DiagnosticsThree words best sum up life at Quest Diagnostics: Trust. Engagement. Respect. Together, they enable us to create a unique working environment and culture. We:

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration that fosters creativity. Without creativity, there can be no innovation. When we trust that we are valued as people and contributors, we have the confidence to pursue novel ideas that ultimately grow our business.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement through all levels of the organization. Engagement means doing work that is meaningful and challenging; it also involves our relationships. Through teamwork and communication, we engage with each other and create a strong sense of community.
  • Instill a culture of respect — one that recognizes not just what we accomplish, but who we are as unique individuals. Through our diversity, we bring new perspectives and experiences to our work, which ultimately help to create a more successful organization.
Quest Diagnostics Our management style is accessible. Many managing directors tour the laboratory every day and greet employees by name. This practice of "management by walking around" is a hallmark of our collegial, informal style.

We make sure to take time to have fun together. Local business units regularly hold events to recognize employees' years of service, host special activities such as Lab Week or customer service week, and celebrate the achievement of business unit goals. We also hold diversity celebrations including Black History month, Hispanic American month, Asian Pacific Americans month, Gay Pride month and Veterans Day.

Why Quest Diagnostics

The benefits of working for an industry leader that makes a real difference in the lives of individuals

Why choose Quest Diagnostics for your next career move? It starts with the satisfaction you gain from helping others-whatever your title or day to day responsibilities

Quest DiagnosticsTime and again, we hear from employees that what motivates them most is the knowledge that their work contributes to improving human health. We touch the lives of millions of patients and their physicians each year, and our industry leadership is due in large part to the commitment of our team.

Quest Diagnostics In addition to personal satisfaction, working for a leading growing company offers many other advantages. Our size and many locations, may provide the opportunity to expand your skills and explore new career possibilities — in a different department, city or even country.

Through our robust training and development and tuition reimbursement programs, you can add to your knowledge base or learn skills that can propel you on a new career path. We also offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages.

Our culture also sets us apart. We nurture an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation, and embrace the differences that make us all who we are. Open communication is our hallmark, and it plays a key role in making our working environment so unique.

Making a Difference

Quest Diagnostics: Careers that make a difference

Whether directly or indirectly, employees get personal satisfaction from knowing their work impacts human health. As the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, our diagnostic testing impacts 70% of healthcare decisions. Whether you are drawing a patient's blood sample or reviewing a real estate agreement for a prospective testing location, the role each employee plays makes the services that Quest Diagnostics provides possible.

Quest DiagnosticsWe are dedicated people working to improve patient health. Through us, physicians have access to advanced diagnostic testing and extensive clinical expertise to help them make informed healthcare decisions. Through our science and innovation team and with external partners, we've developed and introduced breakthrough laboratory tests, many of which have become the standard of care over time.

Quest Diagnostics Our healthcare information technology capability is helping shape the future of healthcare. Over 160,000 physicians use our Care360® suite of connectivity solutions to electronically order lab tests, deliver timely test results, share clinical information quickly and securely, and prescribe drugs to their patients. Currently used to process over 1 million transactions every day and capable of electronic interconnectivity, Care360® is a vital part of the national healthcare information infrastructure.

QuestCares is an employee program focused on community service and charitable giving. Since its inception in 1997, QuestCares has raised millions of dollars and contributed thousands of hours for nationally sponsored charities and local organizations across the country.

Quest Diagnostics offers free health assessments to each employee and their spouse to actively manage their health. Blueprint for Wellness is a personal health assessment based on laboratory results and information from a health questionnaire. By conducting health assessments for common conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we enable people to better manage their health.


Quest Diagnostics is committed to diversity

Join a diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages new and different ideas and views. We celebrate the different ethnicities, ages and cultures that make up our workforce. As our marketplace becomes increasingly global, our ability to meet the needs of our customers, patients, physicians, suppliers and shareholders is enhanced by our commitment to valuing the diversity that mirrors the communities where we live and work every day.

When you join our team, you will be valued for your unique skills, background and experiences. Our ability to evolve, expand and develop world-class innovations relies on a culture that respects all employees and supports their contributions. Ultimately, this enables all of us to deliver the best possible service and products to our customers.

Our diverse workforce is one of our competitive advantages. We work to identify and recruit a diverse group whose strong skill sets and perspectives represent our company. Our success is borne out in the many "Best Places to Work" awards received by our U.S. and international business units.

Applicants whose disabilities limit their ability to use Quest Diagnostics online employment application in any way are encouraged to contact a local Quest Diagnostics Human Resources office to request a reasonable accommodation. A Human Resources professional will either provide or direct the applicant to additional assistance.

We are an equal employment opportunity employer and we recruit, hire and promote qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other status protected by state or local law.


Laboratory and Office Locations Around the World

Quest Diagnostics has headquarters in the U.S. and operations in India, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Our products and services are used by customers in over 130 countries. We also collaborate with many international diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and clinics to help improve human health around the world.

United States

We offer broad access to clinical testing services through our national network of laboratories in most major metropolitan areas as well as approximately 2,000 patient locations. Make an appointment at a patient location. Read more about our products and services.


Through our state-of-the-art laboratory facility in Gurgaon, we provide a range of products and services to physicians, hospitals, life insurance companies and pharmaceutical/biotech companies in India.


In 2006, the Ireland national health administration engaged with us to help reduce a critical backlog of Pap-based cervical cancer screening tests. Since then, Quest Diagnostics has helped to improve the delivery of timely results for patients and expanded its service offering in Ireland.


With two central labs accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and approximately 35 patient locations, Quest Diagnostics Mexico is one of the preeminent private clinical laboratories in Mexico City and Ciudad Juarez. We offer domestic and international testing services, including clinical trials, drug screening, life insurance assessments and specialized, complex testing.


Ängelholm, Sweden is home to HemoCue®, a Quest Diagnostics company and pioneer in point-of-care testing devices. With products being used in over 130 countries, we're helping to improve preventative healthcare worldwide.

United Kingdom

We are one of the largest independent diagnostic service providers in the UK. Our main facility, located near Heathrow airport, offers a comprehensive testing menu covering all the major clinical disciplines as well as clinical trials.

Clinical Trials - In-house and Affiliate Laboratory Management

We operate in-house laboratories in the United States and United Kingdom, complemented by alliance laboratories in Australia, China, Singapore, and South America.

Patient Locations

Choose from approximately 2,000 patient locations across the U.S. Find a location convenient for you – you can even make an appointment.

Licenses & Accreditations

Read more about our CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) licenses and CAP (College of American Pathologists) accreditation. CAP programs are aligned with international standards.

Lab Contact Info

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Our corporate headquarters are in New Jersey, about 30 miles west of New York City. Administrative offices are also in Lyndhurst, NJ and Collegeville, PA (near Philadelphia).

3 Giralda Farms
Madison, NJ 07940