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  • Roadside MBA
    with Mike Mazzeo and Tim Muma - July 9, 2014
    We often look to the biggest, most financially successful companies to learn from and pick up business strategies. Perhaps that isn't always the best idea when it comes to gaining insight into creating smaller, profitable businesses. Mike Mazzeo is an associate professor of management at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and one author of "Roadside MBA." Mike joins Tim Muma to discuss the lessons he lea...
  • Driving Business With Risk
    with Karan Girotra and Tim Muma - July 8, 2014
    Consistently exploring your business model is important, as is examining the risk involved in all your decisions. While many associate risk with a likely negative outcome, others argue it correlates with your success. Karan Girotra, an entrepreneur and professor of technology and operations management at INSEAD, brings his proven experiences to the show. Karan tells Tim Muma about the value of risk and how you can make it w...
  • Offering a $5,000 Buyout to Quit Your Job
    with Chris Woolard and Tim Muma - June 25, 2014
    Big-time companies like Amazon and Zappos have adopted a practice to pay their employees various sums of money if they wish to leave the organization. There are different tactics used, but some see it as a terrific way to gauge employee satisfaction, engagement and commitment. Chris Woolard, senior consultant with Walker Information and the Loyalty Expert, discusses how this can impact an organization, what this has to do w...
  • How to Manage Volunteers
    with Joan Ginsberg and Cady Chesney - June 18, 2014
    Many organizations depend on volunteers to keep their doors open; however, managing a volunteer can be different than managing a paid employee. Joan Ginsberg, founder of #SHRMChat and a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), joins the show to discuss how to effectively, and appropriately, manage those who volunteer to help an organization.
  • Exit Interviews
    with Sharlyn Lauby and Cady Chesney - June 17, 2014
    An exit interview takes place when an employee is leaving an organization, and they are meant to be a conversation between the employee and the employer about the employee's experience at the organization. However, many organizations are not receiving the full value of exit interviews because they are not being conducted correctly. Sharlyn Lauby, a human resources executive with over 20 years of experience, joins the show t...
  • Why Your Company Shouldn't Have Employees
    with Eric Lowitt and Cady Chesney - June 12, 2014
    Does your company have “employees” or people? Your employees are not only people, they are consumers, citizens, and promoters online and offline. Eric Lowitt, CEO of Nexus Global Advisors, joins the show to discuss why you should stop thinking of your individuals at work as employees and start thinking of them as people. In addition, Eric explains how you can get started and the ways this change in thinking can benefit your...
  • Culture of Intention
    with Shirl Jenkins and Tim Muma - June 5, 2014
    The culture within one's organization can play a huge factor throughout a company, often affecting various components of a company's performance and talent. Shirl Jenkins, Senior Vice President of IntelliDyne, shares her knowledge with Tim Muma about all things culture. Shirl doesn't see culture as a side note to an organization's draw, instead seeing the overwhelming benefit of creating an entire environment focused on gen...
  • Management Decisions – How to Build Trust as a Leader
    with Sandra Tibbs and Cady Chesney - June 1, 2014
    Without trust, being an effective leader can sometimes be a difficult task. The foundation of successful leadership comes from building on trusting relationships with employees and colleagues on all levels. Sandra Tibbs, founder of Neverest Solutions, joins the show to discuss several tips for building trust to achieve success in a leadership role.
  • Shrewd Interview Questions
    with Eliot Sun and Tim Muma - May 28, 2014
    Interviewing job candidates can be a challenging proposition, but if you're looking for the best personnel, it's imperative you have a solid strategy to discover the best fit for the position and the organization. Eliot Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of Kloudless, brings Tim Muma some shrewd interview strategies to enhance or improve upon the traditional interview queries.
  • Leadership Moments
    with Henry Evans and Tim Muma - May 27, 2014
    Leadership is a topic often discussed, though many people have their own ideas as to what that entails. Sometimes it is a particular moment that matters more than anyone realizes. Henry Evans is the managing partner at Dynamic Results, LLC, as well as the co-author with Colm Foster of the book "Step Up: Lead in Six Moments that Matter." Henry joins Tim Muma to talk about the key times that true leadership is necessary and t...