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  6 Questions You MUST Be Prepared To Answer During Interviews
by Patricia Erickson - Oct, 2013
Increasing your chances of getting the job are pretty simple if you’re well prepared for your next interview. If you’re ready to answer some of the most common interview questions, you’re a step ahead of your competition. Here are six questions you must be prepared to answer during interviews: 1. Why Don’t You Tell Me About Yourself? Approach this question as it relates to the job for which you are applying. Develop a...
  Resume Writing Professional: Are You Going To Pay An Arm And A Leg For A Resume?
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
If you’re in the market for a new resume or CV, read on. I want to talk about a something very important – especially in this economy. Do your due diligence if you are going to have your resume written by a professional. Do you know that some people pay nearly a thousand dollars for an executive level resume or CV? Many times large resume writing firms charge upward of a thousand dollars for a resume and cover letter. The f...
  Resume Writing: How To Write An Interview Winning Job Description
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
If you have ever sat down and attempted to write your own resume, you know it can be extremely intimidating. Sure, you can talk about what you do and describe your job to your friends, but putting it on paper can get tricky. Here are some tips to help you to get started. First, what type of job is it that you are seeking? Your resume should be written with the job you want in mind. Think about your current and past experie...
  Resume Writing: Learn How To Write A Killer Summary
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
It is probably pretty obvious that in the current economic market employers don’t have lots of time to dedicate to reading resumes. Nowadays, they get high volume responses to even the lowest level jobs. It makes sense that employers will seek out only well written resumes. They will eliminate applicants based on substandard content and appearance. Obviously, now is the time to have a standout resume. You can do that easily...
  Interview Success: First Step, The Resume
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
When I work with clients looking to improve their interviewing skills, they are surprised when I mention that the interview process begins with the resume. Of course it does. Why is the resume so important? It’s a major element of the job search because without an effective resume, there’s no reason to worry about interviewing. But really, it is much more than that. Of course, the resume is a document that summarizes your e...
  Resume Writing Checklist
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
In a recent blog post, I mentioned the importance of a high impact resume on the interview process. Clearly, a well written resume gets you in the door, but it also stacks you up against your competition and ranks you in the employer’s eyes even before you get in the door. If your resume puts you in the top three out of ten great – you can work with that. However, if your resume places number ten out of ten, you’ve really g...
  Telephone Interview Tips
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
In the Get Interviews, Get Hired Now! interview success guide, being prepared for your next telephone interview is the second step in the interview process. If you are well prepared for your telephone interview, you’re on your way to a great on site interview with your prospective employer. Depending on the employer, telephone interviewers might ask many of the questions you would be asked in an on site / in person interview....
  Telephone Interview Tips #2
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
In a recent blog post, I mentioned that the second step in the Get Interviews, Get Hired Now! interview success guide is telephone interview preparation. If you’re well prepared for your telephone interview, chances are you’ll be invited in for a face-to-face interview. And, in the telephone interview, you will be faced with many of the same issues as you would be in a face-to-face interview. So, you’re preparing for the...
  Will Your Resume Get You an Interview?
by Patricia Erickson - May, 2010
Is your resume ready for your career change? Does it generate enough impact to get interviews with perspective employers? Be sure it does before you send it out! Let's say you're a teacher and your contract was not renewed. Your district made budget cuts and the inevitable finally happened - your job was eliminated. You saw the writing on the wall long before your job was eliminated and you went back to school for nursing....
  Dress For Success. Do You Make a Good Impression?
by Patricia Erickson - May, 2010
Impression management is important to any job seeker – especially in the current economic market. You're taking a chance if you don't pay attention to the way you present yourself. You actually start making an impression from the moment you send in your resume. However, for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the impression that you make with the clothing you wear. How you look (and your potential employer’s perception...
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