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  Know Yourself!
by Harry Urschel - Apr, 2010
In networking, job interviews, and in your career...self awareness is critical to success. When people don’t really know their strengths and weaknesses, they often can’t answer questions well, sell themselves effectively, or emphasize their key qualities. In order to help someone help you when job networking, you must know what you are looking for and be able to articulate it well. When you are interviewing for a positio...
  Don’t Be A Stealth Job Hunter!
by Harry Urschel - Apr, 2010
Are you trying to find a new job without letting anyone know you’re unemployed? Many people try, very few succeed. Especially in today’s job market, it is extremely difficult to get a new position without extensive networking! That word seems to scare many people. In their minds it conjures up images of glad-handing Multi-Level-Marketing salespeople who wants to show their “plan” with the “perfect” opportunity for you witho...
  Make Nurturing Your Network a Daily Habit
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
All too often I find that my coaching clients, faced with an impending job change -- voluntary or involuntary -- realize very quickly that their contact network is "stale" and rather shallow. It is MUCH easier to maintain and nourish your network on an ongoing basis rather than play "catch-up" when you find yourself in need of help from others. Your network of business, professional and personal contacts is the most valuabl...
  Job Search ROTI
by Claudine Vainrub - Apr, 2010
Maximizing ROTI – Return on Time Investment when Looking for a Job As we prepare for the economy to get back in shape, jobs are becoming every day more available for professionals seeking for new opportunities. The question is: What strategies can we use ensure landing a job soon? How do we achieve the best return on our job search time investment? In the following series, we will discuss the impact of several strategies, b...
  Getting In The Door: Networking with Informational Interviewing
by Julie Walraven - Apr, 2010
In the career and resume industry, career professionals have for years encouraged their clients to go for informational interviews. I have done my share of demonstrating to clients that they have a network, how to use it to find jobs and how to take the first step. I also do my own informational interviewing with both colleagues and clients. For the past few years, with clients, I periodically pick one to have lunch with an...
  How To Research Your Way To a Networking Contact
by Miriam Salpeter - Mar, 2010
Is it socially acceptable to go up to random people on the street and invite them to coffee? Typically, no. You need to have a reason to meet, and it is up to you to come up with the reason before you do the inviting! Research is a key factor for successful networking. I like to tell my clients, “Don’t look for a job, look for a company.” Similarly, networkers should not first try to identify a list of people to meet, but...
  How Twitter Impacts Resumes
by Julie Walraven - Mar, 2010
Career Thought Leader Conference TakeAways After spending my week at the Career Thought Leaders Conference in Baltimore, I have so many take-aways and experiences that I could write posts for months. Several of my Twitter friends are anxious to find out what I learned. I am a very experienced resume writer with way more than 15 years of resume writing experience who has read, learned, and mastered the craft of resume wri...
  Five Reasons Why Your Social Network Isn’t Working
by Tai Goodwin - Mar, 2010
“Are you on Facebook? What’s your Twitter handle? Send me the link to your LinkedIn profile.” Thousands of social networking accounts are created every month. And a large percentage of those new networkers become easily frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working for them. It’s what I like to call the “Field of Dreams” approach: if you build a profile, thousands of people will find you, become your friend, buying your...
  The ABC’s of Networking
by Anne Jabusch - Mar, 2010
Let’s face it- many of us feel awkward when it comes to networking. Walking into a crowded room alone can be an intimidating feeling for job seekers. By following these rules, networking can be as easy as the ABC’s- at least A-B-C-D-E-F! A: Appropriate Attire Make sure you are dressed for success. First impressions count, so put your best foot forward. Make sure you wear a current, clean and pressed outfit with no holes or...
  Who is Talking About You Online?
by Joshua Waldman - Mar, 2010
Your Personal Brand is not a static thing. It’s not a thing at all. Perhaps, a brand is best described as a process. Think of a candle. At first, the candle produces no flame. Then you strike a match, and light the wick. Then, the candle will burn just as long as there is something to burn, oxygen, wick and wax. Remove any of these conditions and the light goes out. Keep the Fire of Your Brand Burning If you’ve inv...
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