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  The Job Search & Business Promotion Secrets to LinkedIn: How to Build a More Effective LinkedIn Profile in Just 10 Steps
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
YOU are a Product Too! Your LinkedIn Profile should be your own ‘Sales Brochure’ that helps build your credibility and your reputation. Will your profile add to, or take away from others’ perceptions about you? And will it show your true value and get you noticed? That may be the difference in being considered for your next business or career opportunity and getting that next meeting or interview -or going unnotice...
  Top Ten People You Must Have in Your Network
by Tai Goodwin - Dec, 2009
So you know that it is important to have the two Q’s as you build out your network: Quality and Quantity. But have you considered the importance of having a well-rounded network? In this labor market, having a strong network is critical to your professional survival. There are plenty of tips and articles on where to find people, how and when to connect to them and even what you need to say to attract and maintain your netwo...
  Five Essential Things To Know When You Start Your First Job
by Shweta Khare - Nov, 2009
Congratulations! You are on the way to join your new job, but do not do so before reading these very essential tips. “Welcome Aboard” – Don’t Fall Overboard As a new employee you may find yourself in a “honeymoon” period for some time when you join your new job – the time period varies for each one of us. In general terms it may last for a couple of days or a week or ten days.. seldom more. This period is all “welcomy” h...
  The Big Three - Leveraging Social Media in HR
by Caitrin O'Sullivan - Nov, 2009
It goes without saying that you've heard the word "twitter" with increasing frequency, along with social media and Web 2.0. Like most people, you may have tried to resist these new platforms, writing them off as pointless (Why do I care what you ate for breakfast?), but are now beginning to succumb. You're finally giving in and want to learn how you can actually leverage social media to see tangible results in your HR role....
  Three Rules to Smart Business Card Etiquette
by Tai Goodwin - Nov, 2009
Suppose you were out having lunch with a new business acquaintance and when your food was delivered to the table, your lunch partner reached over with her hand and sampled your meal. What would you think? That they were rude – lacking proper social etiquette, right? You’d be offended and probably lose your appetite. Besides ranking their social grace at zero, you’d also seriously question their professional competence as well....
  Do YOU Have the Right Perspective to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile?
by Joshua Waldman - Nov, 2009
If you’ve been staying up to date with the latest statistics about job seeking trends, you already know that LinkedIn is the #1 place potential employers look. 80% of employers will look online. Let’s combine this fact with another fact. According to leading psychologists, hiring managers make split second decisions about prospects based on very minor issues. Let’s face it, your LinkedIn profile has less than 30 secon...
  How I Use Twitter For My Career and You Can, Too
by Jessica Lewis - Nov, 2009
This article is based on my experience trying to use Twitter to help write my own career story. Twitter was a little intimidating and confusing for me at first, so I’m recounting my successes and failures in advice form to help other people like me who are ready to quit being passive and unhappy with the direction other people are taking their career. In this new career climate, I’m learning I can make things happen myself....
  Using Social Networking Sites for Recruiting? Beware Disparate Impact Claims
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Nov, 2009
Using social networking sites for recruiting is not a new phenomenon; three years ago, Maureen Crawford-Hentz, a recruiter for Osram Sylvania, said "Social networking technology is the absolutely the best thing to happen to recruiting -- ever." It seems as though enthusiasm for social networking within the recruiter ranks has not diminished. In June of this year, LinkedIn launched the "Recruiting with LinkedIn Blog". Matt W...
  Why Experts Use Social Media
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Nov, 2009
I recently came across a post by Tracy Coenen of Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting. Her post (which can be found here) posed the following question: Can expert witnesses participate in social media? (And should they?) This is a very interesting question; with the presence of social media in our lives expanding every day, it is a question that is sure to be on the minds of many. But perhaps the real question here is why w...
  Do You Really Have To Network For Your Job Search?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
I was asked to speak at a Job Networking session to a group of Information Technology (IT) Professionals. I was asked to talk about an effective ‘Elevator Speech’ or any other aspect of Networking that I’d like. For the past 23 years I’ve been a Recruiter specializing in placing IT Professionals, and one thing I know, is that with few exceptions, most IT pro’s hate the thought of ‘Networking’! It’s a different story if we’re...
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