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  Networking For Your Career Success
by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky - Feb, 2010
Research done by the Career Center in 2009 has shown that 60 per cent of job openings in the U.S. are filled not through advertising and recruiter companies but through word-of-mouth or networking. And that is quite understandable: to hire someone via recommendation is both much safer for employers, as they have a reliable reference, and easier, as they save considerable effort in advertising the position and sorting through a...
  How Social Media Is Muddying The Waters For Jobseekers
by Teena Rose - Feb, 2010
Caution People! How Social Media Is Muddying the Waters for Perfectly Good Jobseekers...and How Companies are Letting it Happen. Invited to an interview, you step into the room and unload that heavy photo album you’ve been clinging to onto the conference table. In addition to a resume and brag book, you have pictures on your iPhone of your dogs and the neighbor’s cat stalking the birds enjoying your new bird feeder. The int...
  If Ben Franklin Were On Twitter
by Dan King - Feb, 2010
I'm sitting in my office answering email messages when I glance out the window and see Benjamin Franklin leaning against a wall talking on his cell phone. I rub my eyes and refocus, but Ben is still there. Have I really been transported back in time? I run to the mirror to see if I'm still me, or perhaps some caricature of Paul Revere (with or without the Raiders). I'm clearly having trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality...
  We’re All Connected Somehow...
by Dawn Bugni - Feb, 2010
I was going to title this, “It’s a small world after all”, but then “that song” would be stuck in our heads all day and I didn’t want to do that to us. I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. In it he recounts Stanley Milgram’s small world experiment, the original study about six-degrees of separation. (Which of course lead to the Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation game...but I digress.) This experiment real...
  Help Them Help You!
by Harry Urschel - Feb, 2010
Most people understand the importance of networking when looking for a job, however, few do it effectively. People tell me their networking conversations or meetings are awkward and rarely produce anything meaningful. When I dig a little deeper, I often find that they expect their networking contacts to somehow just know what to do. Most people would love to help you, but have no idea how they can. It’s up to you to help th...
  Managing The Trick Question
by Karen Burns - Feb, 2010
A loyal reader writes with this intriguing dilemma: How do you respond when a manager says they understand your job can be a bit boring and repetitive? This conversation was at an informal networking event. I responded by saying it’s challenging in some aspects but there are interesting parts. Is it okay to admit it is boring? Ah, those tricky little “innocent” questions. You can make yourself crazy with them. It’s...
  Time to Revise Your "Elevator Speech!"
by Valerie Sokolosky - Feb, 2010
If you had only seconds to tell someone about yourself, you'd give what's called an "elevator speech" -- because it's brief enough to deliver on an elevator ride. A well-written (and memorized) elevator speech is an invaluable tool because: • It describes what you do, for whom and how they benefit. • It allows you to introduce yourself, quickly and efficiently. • It emphasizes the Wow! Factors you bring to the table....
  Why Office Popularity Matters
by Alexandra Levit - Feb, 2010
In high school, didn’t a part of you always wonder how the cool kids did it? Popularity remained an enigmatic aspect of human existence that ceased to be relevant once we threw our caps in the air...right? There are scores of research studies on popularity in schools, and most have indicated that popular children are viewed as better students and make and maintain friendships more easily. In 2009, however, organizational ps...
  Career Management In The New Workplace
by Leslie B. Prager - Feb, 2010
The work world of today is dramatically different than the workplace was when I began my HR career back in 1980. Those were the days before the social media phenomenon, blackberries, the internet, virtual meetings, etc. The issues facing professionals today include the “new workplace”; fast-paced, on-demand staffing; a multi-generational, cross-cultural workforce; demographic trends such as the aging workforce and baby boomer...
  The Value of Your Tweets During a Job Search
by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas - Feb, 2010
How To Tweet Your Way to a Job Lead The value of your tweets. Now that you have set up your Twitter account, what do you tweet in order to get closer to an actual job lead? There are many steps you can take to job search via Twitter but in this blog post, I will focus on your tweets' content because a great tweet can propel you closer to a job--a bad tweet can help you lose the job you currently have...AND QUICKLY! Micr...
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