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  Trust Your Strategy, Not LinkedIn
by Joshua Waldman - Dec, 2009
LinkedIn is a very powerful SUV. I get in it for a road-trip. I turn it on, take it to the car wash. Then I realized that I have no idea where I want to go. The maps in the back seat pile up and spill over, leaving me in limbo. Where do I go now? Relying on technology to make our career decisions is probably the biggest fallacy any job seeker could make. In the 1970s, British economist E.F.Schumacher wrote that the...
  Five Ways to Beat the Ugly Networking Stigma
by Kris Parfitt - Dec, 2009
“My intention is to meet five people at this function who I really connect with and that two of them eventually become clients.” My friend was impressed while somewhat doubtful of my declaration. My actual success that night was that I met ten people with whom I connected, but I didn’t find the opening to give all of them my business card. It’s not that I’m shy – by nature I’m quite the extrovert. But I have a stigma about ne...
  The Art of Working and Reworking Your Network
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
Why is it so difficult for people to turn to network contacts for help on the second or third time? The simple answer is guilt. We all have that nagging voice in our heads that our call is not of interest, and is really a nuisance, to those in our network that we may call more than once asking for help. Many times, we even play out the mental conversations to our detriment, “Why are they calling me again, I can’t help them!...
  Match(.com) Your Way To A New Job!
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Dec, 2009
FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER First impressions matter in dating and job search. I know this all too well as I have moved through dozens of first-date impressions during the seven years following my divorce and before I remarried in 2008. My husband, Rob, and I met online via Besides the first-impression story he wrote in his profile that resonated with my personal needs and priorities for a great mate and life-long...
  Could That Sound Really Be Opportunity? During The Holidays?
by Dawn Bugni - Dec, 2009
After receiving the topic for this month’s Career Collective post, I bet I’ve read more than 50 articles addressing different aspects of staying motivated during the holiday season in the past few weeks. And that’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to what’s out there. Today, a Google search using “Job search during the holidays” brings back 97,500 (and counting) results. In fact, digging through my own archives, I found a po...
  Four Tips For Effective Networking Follow-Up For The Holidays And The Rest Of The Year
by Miriam Salpeter - Dec, 2009
With so much great advice about how to use the holidays to network, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit an important, but overlooked topic to help job seekers stand a head above the rest at this busy and fun time of the year. Networking is great. Meeting a lot of new people is terrific. However, knowing what to do once you’ve made a contact is just as important as finding the contact. How can you hook your contacts...
  It’s Been A While!
by Harry Urschel - Dec, 2009
I recently received an email from someone who’s been reading my blog and is looking for advice on his situation. He’s currently been out of work for nearly 3 years. Certainly his predicament isn’t unique, so I thought it would be helpful to discuss it here. His email stated (edited for brevity): "I had a question about something I didn't see addressed on your blog… A (Current) Employment Gap. I've managed to have a pr...
  The Shortest Distance Between YOU and $$$$? Network Calling!
by Bernadette Boas - Dec, 2009
Did you notice I did not say Cold Calling? I said Network Calling...more on that in a minute. Like so many people, when I went out on my own, I knew that my marketing plan would include various techniques; definitely networking, one-one close contact lead generation, referrals, partner programs, direct mail (maybe), third party telemarketing (maybe). But one technique I was not prepared to do, nor did not want to do was the...
  Polish Your Brand During the Holidays
by Kris Parfitt - Dec, 2009
There are many questions being asked this time of year about what is expected and/or appropriate actions towards professional peers and colleagues during the holidays. Do you give your boss a gift? Is it OK to bring baked goods to the office? Can I bring a date to the office party? How professional should I dress for the company’s holiday party? All these and the many more questions of professional etiquette during the holiday...
  Does Your Network Have Clarity on What You Do for a Living?
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
How well are you "branded" amongst your network of connections - friends, family members, individuals with whom you share outside interests, vendors, clients, colleagues, former colleagues? • What comes to mind when people think of YOU? • Do your contacts fully understand what you do for a living and exactly HOW you add value to other people's lives? • Who's "radar screen" are YOU on when someone asks a contact if the...
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