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  Does Your Network Have Clarity on What You Do for a Living?
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
How well are you "branded" amongst your network of connections - friends, family members, individuals with whom you share outside interests, vendors, clients, colleagues, former colleagues? • What comes to mind when people think of YOU? • Do your contacts fully understand what you do for a living and exactly HOW you add value to other people's lives? • Who's "radar screen" are YOU on when someone asks a contact if the...
  Five Tips for Evaluating a Role as a Board Member - Choose Wisely
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
Being asked to join the board of a community, professional or business organization certainly can be a boost to the ego. But, to make sure you say "Yes" for the right reasons, ask yourself these five questions, recommended by some seasoned board members: 1. "What do I bring to the table? How will I add value as a board member?" Is it knowledge of your field, financial savvy, existing business relationships, or somethin...
  LinkedIn - How often should I update my
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
One of the features of LinkedIn that tends to be underutilized is the "Status Update" (also called your "Network Update") in your LinkedIn Profile. Your status update "block" is a white box located just below your picture on your "View My Profile" page. If you don't see such a block, then you've not posted a status update. From your LinkedIn Home Page or your "Edit My Profile" page, you can change your status update as fr...
  LinkedIn - How to Effectively Use LinkedIn's Group Feature to Grow Your Network
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
The "Groups" feature of LinkedIn has continued to grow in popularity and utility. Groups are a powerful tool for expanding the depth and breadth of your LinkedIn network. Many Groups treat members similar to FIRST DEGREE connections -- allowing you to make direct contact with a Group member without a referral or "Inmail". I am currently an active member in over 30 Groups (LinkedIn allows you to join up to a maximum of 50...
  The Importance of 'Staying in the Loop' at Work - You Simply Can't Afford to be Out!
by Andy Robinson - Dec, 2009
Information is power. Knowledge is power. At work, information and knowledge allow to be at our best and contribute in a highly effective manner. We stay focused on the important, are fully aware of emerging issues and obstacles, understand the "big picture." Without timely information and knowledge, we end up working in a vacuum and we're not hooked in to "real time" needs, opportunities and circumstances. You simply c...
  The Best LinkedIn Invitations
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Dec, 2009
Are you having trouble coming up with a great LinkedIn invitation to request a connection with someone? Keep reading to find out what a great LinkedIn invitation should have and evaluate your recent invitations to see if you match up. In previous articles we have discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly about receiving LinkedIn invitations. Everything from common etiquette to not being truthful in requesting a connection w...
  Three Reasons Why LinkedIn is NOT the Only Way to Get a Job
by Joshua Waldman - Dec, 2009
There have been more and more stories of people finding work through LinkedIn. In fact, most recruiters I talk to say they are actively seeking candidates through keyword searches on LinkedIn. So why would a job seeker look anywhere else for their online networking? I think there are 3 reasons why it is a bad idea to corner yourself, as a job seeker, to just LinkedIn. But first let me preface this by saying I LOVE Linked...
  The Job Search & Business Promotion Secrets to LinkedIn: How to Build a More Effective LinkedIn Profile in Just 10 Steps
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
YOU are a Product Too! Your LinkedIn Profile should be your own ‘Sales Brochure’ that helps build your credibility and your reputation. Will your profile add to, or take away from others’ perceptions about you? And will it show your true value and get you noticed? That may be the difference in being considered for your next business or career opportunity and getting that next meeting or interview -or going unnotice...
  Top Ten People You Must Have in Your Network
by Tai Goodwin - Dec, 2009
So you know that it is important to have the two Q’s as you build out your network: Quality and Quantity. But have you considered the importance of having a well-rounded network? In this labor market, having a strong network is critical to your professional survival. There are plenty of tips and articles on where to find people, how and when to connect to them and even what you need to say to attract and maintain your netwo...
  Five Essential Things To Know When You Start Your First Job
by Shweta Khare - Nov, 2009
Congratulations! You are on the way to join your new job, but do not do so before reading these very essential tips. “Welcome Aboard” – Don’t Fall Overboard As a new employee you may find yourself in a “honeymoon” period for some time when you join your new job – the time period varies for each one of us. In general terms it may last for a couple of days or a week or ten days.. seldom more. This period is all “welcomy” h...
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