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  Do YOU Have the Right Perspective to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile?
by Joshua Waldman - Nov, 2009
If you’ve been staying up to date with the latest statistics about job seeking trends, you already know that LinkedIn is the #1 place potential employers look. 80% of employers will look online. Let’s combine this fact with another fact. According to leading psychologists, hiring managers make split second decisions about prospects based on very minor issues. Let’s face it, your LinkedIn profile has less than 30 secon...
  How I Use Twitter For My Career and You Can, Too
by Jessica Lewis - Nov, 2009
This article is based on my experience trying to use Twitter to help write my own career story. Twitter was a little intimidating and confusing for me at first, so I’m recounting my successes and failures in advice form to help other people like me who are ready to quit being passive and unhappy with the direction other people are taking their career. In this new career climate, I’m learning I can make things happen myself....
  Using Social Networking Sites for Recruiting? Beware Disparate Impact Claims
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Nov, 2009
Using social networking sites for recruiting is not a new phenomenon; three years ago, Maureen Crawford-Hentz, a recruiter for Osram Sylvania, said "Social networking technology is the absolutely the best thing to happen to recruiting -- ever." It seems as though enthusiasm for social networking within the recruiter ranks has not diminished. In June of this year, LinkedIn launched the "Recruiting with LinkedIn Blog". Matt W...
  Why Experts Use Social Media
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Nov, 2009
I recently came across a post by Tracy Coenen of Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting. Her post (which can be found here) posed the following question: Can expert witnesses participate in social media? (And should they?) This is a very interesting question; with the presence of social media in our lives expanding every day, it is a question that is sure to be on the minds of many. But perhaps the real question here is why w...
  Do You Really Have To Network For Your Job Search?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
I was asked to speak at a Job Networking session to a group of Information Technology (IT) Professionals. I was asked to talk about an effective ‘Elevator Speech’ or any other aspect of Networking that I’d like. For the past 23 years I’ve been a Recruiter specializing in placing IT Professionals, and one thing I know, is that with few exceptions, most IT pro’s hate the thought of ‘Networking’! It’s a different story if we’re...
  Effective Networking? or Blowing It?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
When you’re networking, how do you know if you’re blowing it? If you ask everyone you talk to if they know of a job for’re probably blowing it! – Instead ask: “Who do you know that would be good for me to network with?” They may not like being put on the spot about a job, but may be willing to refer you to others. You want to keep that networking chain going! If you don’t bother to contact people that have be...
  Five Best Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search!
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
Twitter can be a tremendous, fast moving tool in your Job Search Toolbox. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of it. 1. Follow and read job search experts. The amount of excellent ideas, tips, leads, news, informative articles, and best practices going by all day long is amazing. Use Twellow’s directory for Employment > Career > Job Search to find excellent people to follow. You’ll find outstanding advice that applies to yo...
  Five Twitter “FAIL’s” for your Job Search
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
Twitter can be a great asset for your job search. There are people to meet that you probably wouldn’t get to meet otherwise. There is real-time industry and job field information that is hard to match. There are helpful opinions and advice to be found everywhere. There are job postings, as well as company information. Twitter is unlike anything else. However, here are five things people do that keep them from getting any wo...
  Give Before You Get!
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
Two of the most difficult things for most people in their job search: Maintain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), and Networking. One tool to help with both of those issues: Volunteering! Particularly in today’s economy, there is a tremendous need for volunteers in all kinds of excellent service organizations. With a little digging, you can find opportunities to do virtually anything that interests you, that can serve...
  I've Got a Contact Name! Now What?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
So, you were...Networking, or Searching on LinkedIn, or Running a Google Search, or some other way you got a contact name at a company that you are interested in pursuing! Terrific! But NOW WHAT? What do you do with that name? Call them? Email them? Send “Snail Mail”? What do you say? As an introduction, a well planned phone call is ALWAYS more effective than an email or Snail Mail. When making the introduction...reme...
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