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  The Leadership Void: The Problem That Isn’t Going Away
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - May, 2007
Most executives and HR specialists know a large percentage of baby boomers will retire over the next five to 10 years—and with them, 50% of the CEOs of major companies. But as with Hurricane Katrina, we see it coming and aren’t doing enough: We remain woefully unprepared. Some 75 million U.S. workers will retire soon. The talent to replace them will be chosen from the next generation of only 45 million available workers. Gl...
  Managers in Transition: 9 Strategies for Conquering the Procrastination Beast
by Kevin Nourse - May, 2007
Consider the case of two leaders in career transitions: James, a former CIO in a trade association, and Susan, a human resource director in a professional services firm. James made the decision to resign from his role as a result of a substantial leadership change in his association. However, he did a substantial amount of preparation for his transition starting five months before walking out the door. First, he assessed u...
  Reward Your Employees for Outstanding Performance: Top Five Ways To Reinforce Excellent Work
by Liz Bywater, PhD - May, 2007
Nobody works for nothing. That is to say, people work because there’s something in it for them. Financial remuneration, prestige, recognition, pride, a sense of doing the right thing. The preferred rewards for a job well done vary from person to person. But the need to get something for one’s hard work is universal. Great leaders know all about this. They realize that they cannot simply expect their employees to do their be...
  Change is Good: Conquering Resistance to Career Change
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
Often we resist the very things we need the most. Clients frequently wait to call me for career counseling until they have gotten put on probation, or even worse, have lost their job. This "kick in the pants" is what they need to take a look at their work and their life. Sadly, some admit that they have not been happy at their job, often not just for months, but years. But they have chosen to ignore their problems for as lon...
  The People's Executive
by Teena Rose - May, 2007
What you don't know about your resume, cover letter, and personal branding strategies are affecting the outcome of your job search … and career. Put a top resume writing firm and leading career strategist in your corner for a shorter and smoother job search, a higher salary, and more successful career. Being a good executive isn't always easy. There's a fine line sometimes between keeping the customers, shareholders and em...
  What’s Your Managerial Personality?
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
5 different managerial personality styles — and the upsides and downsides of each. The General – If you’re a General, you’ve got the most traditional management style there is. An office is like the military, and you are the senior officer in charge. You are the General Patton of the business world. You are in charge of everything. You are a complete and thorough autocrat. Your word goes. If anyone doesn’t do what you want...
  Leadership and Vision - What's Your Cathedral?
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Apr, 2007
Can leadership exist where there is no vision? For perspective, let us review the Story of the Three Stonemasons. Three stonemasons were busy at work when a passerby asked them, “What are you doing?” The first stonemason responded, “Laying bricks, sir.” The second mason answered, “Earning a living.” But, when asked by the passerby what he was doing, the third stonemason said, “I’m building a cathedral.” The thir...
  The Art of Leadership - Talking the Walk
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Apr, 2007
If leadership is about influence, what is the conduit of influence? How do great leaders gain the support and commitment of their followers? How do they convey their ideals, goals, and strategies to the people who can help them bring it all to fruition? Simply enough, it all begins with outstanding communication. Superb communication is the cornerstone of great leadership. Whether you are a corporate executive, a team leade...
  Five Steps to A Distinctive Executive Resume
by Abby Locke - Apr, 2007
No-one can deny the importance of a résumé in a job search. Despite the invention of web portfolios, online applications, and leadership profiles, you will find that a well-written résumé is still a highly effective tool for interviewing, networking, and relationship building purposes. For executive jobseekers, the job search arena is a whole different playing field. The compensation is higher, but the competition for C-lev...
  The Art of Leadership: Part One
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Feb, 2007
How do we begin to understand the art of leadership and its indisputable importance in today’s world? Research, theory, and general musings on the topic can be found in abundance. In fact, if you were to do an online search of “leadership,” you’d find literally millions of entries. We tried this recently and unearthed 173,000,000 on Google alone. We read, hear, and talk about leadership all the time. We read about the execu...
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