Zen & The Art Of Recruiting: Applicant Tracking Systems - Perils & Possibilities

by George Blomgren and Todd Nilson  Thursday, February 23, 2012

George Blomgren is the co-host of "Zen & The Art Of Recruiting." George earned a Bachelor's degree from Beloit College, studied at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and pursued graduate studies in business and marketing at Cardinal Stritch University. As Recruiting Solutions Director at MRA-The Management Association, George helps MRA members optimize their recruiting practices to effectively...
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Todd Nilson specializes in social media strategy and specializes in employer branding, the hiring process, and candidate experience. He began his career in 1996 as a technology recruiter and spent time as a lead game designer for an online game company. Todd is also the founder of GoIndigo, LLC, a Milwaukee-based creative career events management company responsible for voluntee...
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A well configured Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can boost your employer brand and make life easier for both your recruiters and top caliber candidates. A poorly configured one (typically the result of oversight or negligence) can hide your jobs from the rest of the internet, stymie job seekers, frustrate your recruiters and hiring managers, and warp your hiring metrics. This episode explains both scenarios.
Duration: 26 Minutes

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