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Technically Speaking - Starting a Digital Agency
Recorded: 2/18/2014
Duration: 12 Mins
As technology advances, digital advertising is becoming increasingly popular. OnCall Interactive was started by Matthew Maday in his college days, and...
Community Concepts - Sons of Baseball Foundation
Recorded: 2/17/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
Created by a small group of people that share a passion for baseball, the Sons of Baseball Foundation strives to bring the joy of baseball to the live...
Employment Notebook - Positives of Emotion at Work
Recorded: 2/17/2014
Duration: 14 Mins
Most of the time, we hear that emotions are often an extra obstacle to success at work. Whether it's excitement, fear, frustration or sadness, those e...
Volunteering At - Habitat for Humanity
Recorded: 2/16/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
Volunteers are the workforce behind the success of Habitat for Humanity. Their homes are constructed almost entirely by volunteers and they mobilize t...
Management Decisions - Best Places to Work: Zappos
Recorded: 2/15/2014
Duration: 21 Mins
Zappos has been a consistent resident on Fortune's "Best 100 Companies to Work For" list. On top of their reputation for being a great place to work f...
I Want to Be a - Substance Abuse Counselor
Recorded: 2/14/2014
Duration: 21 Mins
Substance abuse is a serious and potentially life-threatening issue that affects people of all kinds, whether they’re teenagers, your average workers...
Employment Notebook - Sparking Employee Passion
Recorded: 2/13/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Many experts say all humans have basic needs to succeed in the workplace, and sometimes it's up to the manager to meet those in order to get peak perf...
Job Search Guide - Unorthodox Search Techniques
Recorded: 2/7/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
If you feel like you're doing everything right and still coming up empty in your job search, it may be time to take a slightly different path. Kim Eis...
Volunteering at - American Cancer Soceity
Recorded: 2/5/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Whether it's giving a cancer patient a ride to chemotherapy, putting together a team for Relay For Life or spreading the word about prevention and det...
The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 48
Recorded: 2/4/2014
Duration: 22 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
Employment Notebook - Keys to Persuasive Speaking
Recorded: 2/3/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Public speaking tends to be a point of great anxiety for many individuals, but it could be a reality for some in their workplace. Whether you're leadi...
Economy Class - January 2014
Recorded: 1/31/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
We're taking an in-depth look into the issues Americans are facing in this economy, trying to give people greater insight into these uncertain times....
An article posted on on December 4, 2013 stated, "Federal Official Refuses to Say Whether Office is Protecting Trans Workers." The respon...
Management Decisions - Best Places to Work: NuStar Energy
Recorded: 1/31/2014
Duration: 12 Mins
Businesses and employers can often learn successful strategies from the tactics of other great companies. With that in mind, we're looking at a number...
Employment Notebook - Narcissism in the Workplace
Recorded: 1/30/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
With social media taking the lead, narcissism has become a rather big part of our current society. It's also making an impact in the workplace and how...
Job Search Guide - Hiring Educators: Tips for Job Seekers
Recorded: 1/30/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
Landing a job as a teacher can be a challenging task, but when you are armed with the right tools it can be a cinch. Host Cady Chesney sits down with...
You Do What? - I'm a Mixologist
Recorded: 1/30/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
There are countless clubs, bars and other establishments that serve a wide array of beverages. While all those places have bartenders, there’s a more...
Moving Up the Ladder - Traits Leaders Need
Recorded: 1/27/2014
Duration: 23 Mins
A majority of leaders are made, not born, so if you're looking to move up the ranks and be an effective leader at work, you can make it happen. As the...
Community Concepts - Direct Care and the Aging Workforce
Recorded: 1/26/2014
Duration: 15 Mins
Direct care for individuals continues to be an industry where more help is needed, creating an aging workforce and gaps to fill. Abby Marquand, Associ...
Management Decisions - CEO Compensation Issues
Recorded: 1/26/2014
Duration: 15 Mins
The stories seem to come out on a weekly basis, describing a lucrative deal being struck for a new CEO, only to see him or her leave in a few months w...
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