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  • Inclusively Exclusive
    with Tim Sackett and Tim Muma - January 26, 2014
    There has been a focus over the years to ensure workplaces are as inclusive as possible, and rightfully so. However, some experts are now wondering if it's gone too far. Tim Sackett, president of HRU Technical Resources and a human resources professional with 20 years experience, explains to Tim Muma how inclusivity may have led employers to being exclusive. He gives us some examples and strategies to avoid this from happen...
  • Being an Executive: Bob Donnelly
    with Bob Donnelly and Tim Muma - January 22, 2014
    In his corporate career, Bob Donnelly was the president and CEO of a technology-based company for 10 years, which he positioned for sale to Emerson Flow Control, a Fortune 100 firm. Earlier in his career he held management positions with IBM, Pfizer, and EXXON as well. He joins Tim Muma to discuss why he kept moving on, what drove him to success and the most important items people need to focus on when looking to become an...
  • International Business Etiquette
    with Jeanette S. Martin and Cady Chesney - January 21, 2014
    Higher level employees and executives often travel to other countries for business, where cultures can be very different from the United States. Host Cady Chesney sits down with Jeanette Martin, author of "Global Business Etiquette: A Guide to International Communication and Customs," and retired Professor of Business Communication at the University of Mississippi. Jeanette discusses how business professionals should prepar...
  • Empathy Deficit Disorder
    with Daniel Goleman and Tim Muma - January 20, 2014
    The higher up the professional ladder individuals ascend, the more apt they are to suffer from empathy deficit disorder. Tim Muma speaks with Daniel Goleman, an internationally known psychologist who has been named among the most influential business thinkers by the Wall Street Journal. TIME Magazine also listed his book, "Emotional Intelligence," one of the 25 "Most Influential Business Managment Books," and Daniel shares...
  • Crisis Management: A Public Relations Perspective
    with James Madlom, Carl Mueller and Tim Muma - January 15, 2014
    No matter the size of a company, it will go through periods where crisis management is necessary. Whether it be a minor issue or full-fledged controversy, it's important companies handle these situations well. Tim Muma talks with H. Carl Mueller and James Madlom of Mueller Communications, a marketing and public relations firm with tons of experience with these cases. They describe the essentials to proper crisis management.
  • Keys to Reducing Turnover
    with Mel Kleiman and Tim Muma - January 14, 2014
    Whether it's the employer firing someone or the employee leaving a position, retention continues to be an issue in the American workplace. Tim Muma speaks to Mel Kleiman, president of Humetrics, who says much of it comes down hiring standards and practices. Mel utilizes his 30-plus years experience to help employers do a better job of hiring the right candidates and improving retention.